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The Cultural Association of the Leonese Language El Fueyu is a cultural association that was born on 2001 with the aim of promoting the knowlegde and learning of this language between the society in general, and particularly the leonese ones, at the present cornered and marginalized because of obligatory education only in spanish in Spain, and only portuguese in Portugal. Also it developes investigation tasks, studies and analitics about leonese language as much modern situation as in older times.

Since it was born, El Fueyu it takes hard working to take to all the society the message of the presence of our language through countless activities: courses of leonese language, conferences, studies, publications, Language’s days…everything promoted and promoved in association with the most important public institutions, private and public entities of culture and other associations like La Barda and El Toralín, that works on the same way as us.

we have a firm commitment with our language, its necessity to revitalize and re-standardize it in all social sectors, publics and privates, personals and collectives. Because the leonese language has been was and it is our own language, the same one in that we have written our legislation, of oldest of Europe, and the first democratic parliament of history, the names of our places, our toponimics… in summary, all our reality like people, like cultural identity present throughout the history that demands its rights.

In order to obtain this objective the knowledge of leonese language is essential, its putting in value and of developing a process of normalization where our language stops being something strange, vulgar and vulgaryzing and it urns into minority, and retakes the place that corresponds to it.

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