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Describing it in general, the leonese language is spoken in the modern provinces of Leon, Zamora and the region of Las Arribes in Salamanca, as well as Tierra de Miranda in the portuguese state. The influence of the leonese language arrives at the south of the peninsule, concretely in Andalusia, in the provinces of Huelva and western of Seville, with verbs and words of obviously leonese origins: dir, trasponer, esmolcer, cemba, cachopo…

In Extremadura there’s a variant of the asturleonese diasystem called “estremeñu”, that takes as base the leonese language but with paticular evolutions and many influences from the spanish.

In this sense, the territory that maintains the leonese must be divided in three parts: on the one hand the totally speakers ones, by another one those that show to grammar characteristics and leonese words mixed with the Spanish or the Portuguese languages, and finally the areas that only express leonese in toponymy and some words and expressions.

Also it is possible to mention the regions where the leonese evolves towards galician language (northwest of Leonese Country) or portuguese language (in Portugal and its frontiers) in the western regions. In these areas implantation of galician language in public education is causing that people think that what speaks is galician and not leonese language or in the best one of the cases, leonese evolving to galician ou portuguese idioms.

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