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El Fueyu signs together with the principal associations in defense of the Leonese language a press release In the UNESCO Day of Mother Language

Our association signs today togeteher with Asociación Berciana en Defensa de la Llingua Llïonesa El Toralín, l’Asociación Cultural “La Barda” of Salamanca, Asociación de Profesores y Monitores de Llingua Llïonesa, Mesa Divulgativa Llïonesa from Salamanca and ’Asociación puntuLLI a press release where shows the modern situation of our language, still catalogued asi n seriously endangered by the UNESCO, as how the leonese instituions work in favor of its development and social presence.


El Fueyu demands a public rectification from the PP for despising the
education of the leonese language

Our association has requested a public rectification today the PP for despising the education of the leonese language before the declarations of the councillor Arancha Miguélez, in which she assures that the management of the Council of Leon in the area of education is based only on particular classes of leonese by public funds.

From El Fueyu we declare that already there have been signed diverse agreements of collaboration with many town halls and deputations, all of them governed by the PP, being precisely Mario Amilivia the first mayor who signed a diploma in leonese or Javier García Prieto the first president of a Deputation who realized the first agreement to extend the education of the leonses language one to the whole province. Both politicians concern to the Partido Popular.

We think that it turns out to be shameful and frustrating to verify as the political class tries to undo all the positive steps that are given in favor of our language and we want her to remember to the popular councillor that the defense, education and normalization of the leonese language one, they are recognized rights not only for the UNESCO but for the own statute of autonomy, which was approved by 100 % of the votes emitted by attorneys of her party.

León celebrates the third edition of the Day of the Leonese Language

The Councillorship of Culture From Leon of León's Town hall, at the expense of the councillor Abel Pardo Fernandez, celebrates for the second year in a row the Day of the Leonese Language in its third edition.

This year the event will be based on the relation of our language with the TIC's and for it and as great innovation, a lot of chats will develop across the internet, as well as an informative day brings over of the need of an internet domain to our language.

From the Association of the Leonese Language El Fueyu, we want to congratulate to León's Town hall on this initiative that supposes an important contribution for the normalization and revitalization of the leonese in de society.

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